Wild Animals Can Turn Attics Into Biohazards

Luckily, we provide attic restoration services in the Redondo Beach & Torrance, CA area

From dried feces to shredded insulation, critters can make quite a mess. Even if you remove the rats, mice and birds from your property, you'll likely need to do extensive repair work in your attic. That's where Wildlife Solutions and Trapping comes in.

We provide comprehensive attic restoration services in the Redondo Beach & Torrance, CA area. You can hire us to...

  • Clean up solid droppings and urine stains
  • Sanitize any surfaces that the critters touched
  • Remove the damaged insulation and dispose of it properly
  • Install new insulation according to U.S. Department of Energy guidelines
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Are there unwanted guests still in your attic?

Before we can clean out your attic, we'll need to remove any pests that have made their home there. We have nearly a decade of experience providing attic pest removal services, so we know how to handle wild animals with care - and without getting bit.

Contact us today to hire an attic pest removal company in Redondo Beach, CA.

Know what to expect when you hire us

Are you interested in booking our attic restoration services? Before you do, you should know exactly what to expect. The first step is to have the Wildlife Solutions and Trapping team come out to inspect your attic in Redondo Beach, CA. We'll identify any concerns found, whether it be dirt, debris, animal urine, feces or outdated insulation.

After the old insulation is removed, we'll then:

  • Vacuum and disinfect your attic with top-of-the-line disinfectant
  • Replace your old insulation with brand-new, top-quality materials
  • Sanitize your attic with our fogging system.

You can get a quote on our insulation replacement services by contacting us today.