Our Rodent Prevention Solutions Are Guaranteed

Look no further for pest control pros in Redondo Beach & Torrance, CA

Removing rats and mice from your property will solve your current pest problems, but how will you prevent those same rodents from coming back? Wildlife Solutions and Trapping in Redondo Beach & Torrance, CA offers a long-term solution in the form of rodent prevention services.

Once we take a look around, we can set out rodent repellant and seal off any potential entry points that we discover. We offer proven rodent control solutions for homes, restaurants and other commercial properties.

Call 714-852-8809 now to find out how we can control the rodent population at your property without relying on poisons, gas or other harmful substances.

We can fix the damage that rodents have caused

Rats and mice have been known to...

  • Chew through electrical wires
  • Build their nests in attic insulation
  • Leave droppings all over the place
Rodent prevention can reduce the risk of future damage, but it can't fix what happened. That's why we'll make repairs after we finish sealing off entry points. Contact us today to get your pest problems solved by the pros in Redondo Beach, CA.

We specialize in trapping California rats

There are two main species of rats that residents in the Redondo Beach, CA area will encounter. These include the roof rat and Norway rat. Both are small in size and can often be mistaken for mice, but not to worry, because our rodent trapping methods will still work on these rats. Once you call us to take care of your rat problem, our team will:

  • Identify where the rats are entering your building from
  • Seal all entry points with stucco, cement or hardware cloth
  • Decontaminate the affected areas and repair any damage

You can learn more about roof rats and Norway rats by getting in touch with us today.


There are primarily two different species of rat in Los Angeles and Orange County. The Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Both are small in size and often mistaken for mice. Rats "mark" with their urine which is an attractant to more and more rats. Rat feces and urine can be very dangerous to human health, spreading diseases such as salmonellosis.

The most important in rat control and other rodent control is figuring out how they are getting into a structure and permanently sealing all entry points. The first step in combating your rodent issue is to do a very thorough inspection on the home. Locating and listing all holes. These holes should be sealed with cement, stucco, or hardware cloth. Ensure you use a strong material so that rats won't chew their way back in. Asides from effective rat removal and control, we also provide decontamination and repair services. Decontamination helps to kill the pathogens left behind by nuisance rats, while repairs help to restore your house to the state it was in before the infestation.